Scaffolding projects that stand out from the crowd

Friday, February 02, 2018
Scaffolding projects that stand out from the crowd - blog post image

At Craven we believe that scaffolding is anything but boring, no matter how big or small the scaffolding project is, we enjoy seeing a project through - from the planning, to the design and specification. However, we’d forgive you for not agreeing with us!

To help convince you, we’ve chosen some stand out scaffolding projects that really catch the eye.


Bring on the Bamboo

It’s a sight that would make many a health and safety inspector shudder, but in Hong Kong using bamboo instead of metal is commonplace.


Skilled workers use traditional methods to create a structure, known locally as taap pang, to surround the building, with many 1,000ft above the ground.

It’s certainly not something that Craven would try – but it’s amazing to see how different countries work with resources to renovate buildings.


Refurbished Vulcan Bomber

Scaffolding projects don’t start and end with buildings. One of Craven’s recent tasks was to create a structure around a treasured XM603 Vulcan Bomber, which was undergoing a full refurbishment.

With weeks of planning and preparation needed, in order to ensure the plane was encased in a weather proof environment, it wasn’t the easiest of tasks – but was worth every minute.

Find out more about this project by watching this clip:


Restoring a Manchester Classic

There’s something special about working on a building that is a Manchester landmark and that’s certainly the case with the Midland hotel.

At Craven it was a proud day to win the work for this prestigious hotel and now that the work is completed, it’s great to see it back to its best.