Q&A With: Craven Scaffolding’s Midlands Manager Steve Binfield

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Q&A With: Craven Scaffolding’s Midlands Manager Steve Binfield - blog post image

Having joined the team in 2017 to head up Craven Scaffolding’s Midlands operation, Steve’s motto is ‘the sky is the limit’. Here he shares his story about what his first months have been like, the jobs already in the bag and why he likes the scaffolding business.

Steve, how did the Craven job come about?

I was taken on to open the Craven Scaffolding Midlands depot, which seemed like a great challenge to me. I started in June, heading over to the Manchester depot first to learn the ropes and find out how Craven liked to work. By August we’d got the keys to the Midlands yard and it was time to get cracking.

What was the first month like, busy?

Absolutely, we’ve started it up from scratch – which means plenty of hard work, but it’s great to see it moving forward. There’s times when it’s really tested my patience, but we’re getting there now. I’ve got a team of five lads, including myself and the yard has room for about twelve, so we’re already looking at ways we can grow.

Steve Binfield, Dermot Craven, Archie Craven

What companies have you been working with?

The Midlands team have worked on all sorts of jobs, from front and back designs to projects that need us to hold up the whole building – working with companies such as Total Roof Control, Double M Limited, C&C Plastering, Dragonfly and the DIY chain Wickes. Another of the bigger jobs is working with Excelsior Land and Dorchester Living, who we’ll be working with for over nine months.

What got you into scaffolding?

I started working with scaffold over twenty years ago now, in 1995 – when a friend of mine got his own business. It worked well, and I stayed there for over five years until he retired. Then I moved on to industrial work, before looking for a new challenge, which led me to Craven. The challenge is exciting – it would need to be to get you up in the morning and keep you working so hard throughout the day.

What does 2018 look like for Craven’s Midlands team?

The sky really is the limit! I think it’s all about small steps, learning to walk and then learning to run. Setting up the Midlands depot was a challenge, but now we’re up and running there’s no stopping us. Our aim is to be the biggest and the best.